Terms & Conditions (User Agreement)

(Note: "Maple Street Market," "MSM," "We, our, us," etc., refers to Maple Street Market, Inc. "You, your, the user's, the end user, buyer, seller, merchant, trading partners," etc., refers to users of the MSM site and its products/services.)

By creating an account, signing in, and otherwise using the site, you expressly agree to and acknowledge the following:

  1. Our service to the end user is to provide a venue in which peer-to-peer transactions may take place. Sellers are responsible for the content and accuracy of their listings. Buyers are responsible for due diligence in understanding what is offered and familiarizing themselves with the seller's terms of sale (including asking the seller questions, etc.) before buying.
  2. The user agrees to hold MSM, its officers and employees blameless in peer-to-peer business dealings, that he/she is of majority age (over 18), and of sound mind.
  3. In the rare event of disputes or issues involving a MSM peer-to-peer transaction, trading partners are expected to resolve issues between themselves. We may, at our discretion and at the invitation of trading partners, become involved and suggest a non-binding solution. You agree, however, that we are under no obligation to do so, and that in any such case, the transaction remains peer-to-peer.
  4. MSM retains the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason we deem prudent.
  5. Prohibited Items: MSM does not allow the listing/sale of anything illegal, contraband, counterfeit, that infringes on copyright and/or intellectual property, trademarks, or patents; or any item subject to confiscation, items tied to entities subject to sanctions, embargoes, restricted trade (or other regulations or laws). We also do not allow recalled/known unsafe items, pornographic or ‘adult only’ items.
  6. Account security: Users are expected to keep their passwords and their accounts secure. Please notify MSM of any issues immediately. If you receive an email from MSM in regards to information about your account, please verify that it is a legitimate message before taking action. Contact us first if you are still unsure.

    All users are also expected to keep their account information up to date, including full name, mailing address, contact phone, and valid email address. If a user cannot be reached, they agree that MSM may close their account as inactive.

    Users are not permitted to register with user names that in any way indicate they might have any employment contract, authority or association with MSM itself if it's not true, or if it is used for the purpose of misleading others. Users may be required to change a user name that is too close to or encroaches upon the "brand recognition" previously established by another user. Users are not allowed to have user names that are deliberately misleading, intimidating, or infringe on copyrights (Example: "patentattorneyusgov" or "MBNA," "VWoA," authorizedfordparts," "irsagent," etc). You agree that our decisions on user names will be final.
  7. Listings (items/services offered for sale): It is expected that all merchandise/services listed and sold by MSM merchants are actually available for sale, and by listing on MSM, you certify that any items you list are legally able to be sold by you.

    MSM merchants are required to include their shipping, return, refund and payment policies in their listings and/or storefront. Buyers are strongly encouraged to review the merchant’s policies prior to purchase. MSM is not directly involved in transactions between merchants and buyers, and does not set shipping, return, refund and payment policies. MSM does not accept payment on behalf of merchants. Buyers will make payment directly to merchants according to terms set out in the listings and/or storefronts.
  8. Your bid or agreement to buy is a binding contract! Conversely, accepting payment is also a binding contract. It is expected that buyers familiarize themselves with the listing they are considering purchasing – including the seller's complete terms of sale. All merchants are solely responsible for accurately listing their items and clearly stating their policies in listings.

    Neither trading partner is allowed to unilaterally change the terms of a contract after agreeing to it. Both trading partners are expected to abide by terms laid out in the listing. If you do not agree with your potential trading partner's terms – simply do not make the bid or purchase. MSM makes no guarantees that a buyer or seller will actually complete a transaction.
  9. Any and all interference by a user in another user's selling or buying activities on MSM is strictly prohibited, and any user participating in such activity will be banned from using our platform. This includes using the feedback or review system to try to extort or pressure another user.
  10. Feedback reviews are to be factual and based on a trading partner's performance in a transaction. Opinions such as "seller said it was blue but it's not blue enough," "Buyer should have paid faster" or "should have been shipped faster" when item was shipped as clearly outlined in the listing, or paid for within the seller's reasonable time frame terms may be removed by us without recourse.

    Users agree to hold MSM and its officers/employees blameless for peer-to-peer trading partner feedback reviews.
  11. Fees: MSM does not charge insertion or listing fees. Fees are set at 8% of final sale price (including shipping charges) on completed sales up to $100.00, and 5% on sales over $100.00 with a $200 per transaction fee cap, and are paid by sellers. MSM will invoice sellers applicable fees upon successful completion of a listing resulting in a sale. Seller will remit fees to MSM per invoice information. Sellers agree to pay fees on a monthly basis, fees being due on the 15th of the following calendar month. Nonpayment or consistently slow payment of fees may result in account restriction or suspension at our sole discretion. Fees may change in the future, and we may, at our discretion, offer sellers premium services for additional set fees.
  12. This User Agreement may be updated at any time as deemed necessary by us. MSM offers no guarantees or warranties of any kind, expressed or implied, to any user under any circumstances whatsoever. You agree to conduct business on our platform solely at your own risk. Please trade responsibly.

(Dated 04/30/15)