About Maple Street Market™

Maple Street Market™ is an online cooperative of small business people very experienced in the special art of peer-to-peer e-commerce. We share a common vision that's light on "book learning," MBAs, buzzwords and spin - the heavy emphasis here on Maple Street is focused where it should be - on providing a venue where buyers and sellers are "introduced" and then deal directly, peer-to-peer, without any big corporate interference. We believe this creates a relaxed, low-key atmosphere between trading partners that results in a very high degree of buyer satisfaction and repeat business for our small business owners.

Maple Street Market is NOT a "managed marketplace." On the contrary, we actively encourage direct peer-to-peer contact rather than a cumbersome, supervised "message system" to create a more personal e-commerce experience between trading partners than you'll find at most other so called "venues."

We also believe in keeping our platform as bare-bones simple as possible. We believe that buyers come to e-commerce platforms to find what they are looking for and buy it – so on Maple Street you'll just find a basic site search primed to return exact search results. In other words, no "sponsored links," no "best match," no "most relevant results," no Rube Goldberg search algorithms, no "did you mean xxxx" search re-directs, no "hidden" items, and no data mining. You'll see exactly what we have to offer based on your search results – period.

Selling here is by invitation only – although we do consider applications. All of our trusted vendors are proven experts in successfully completed transactions – feel free to contact any of them for details if you wish.

Let's not forget the most important thing, though...sit back, relax...and have FUN shopping again!